Person indulging in criminal activity deliberately should not seek immunity: FS

Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir Saturday said a person indulging in criminal activity deliberately should not seek immunity or protection.

Replying to questions at a briefing in Islamabad this evening about Lahore incident in which an American national Raymond Davis killed two Pakistanis, he said the Lahore High Court has explicitly stated that it is prerogative of the court to decide about the matter.

The Foreign Secretary expressed the confidence that nothing would be said or done on Lahore issue which would be detrimental to Pakistan-US relationship.

He said both Islamabad and Washington are clear that it would be extremely counter productive if one incident was allowed to destroy sixty years relationship.

Salman Bashir contradicted media reports that the Presidency had formally or informally directed the Foreign Office to make any changes in the records or certifications in respect of Raymond Davis. He said all reports in this regards are untrue.

The Foreign Secretary also emphatically stated that there was conformity of views among all state institutions on the Lahore incident.

Salman Bashir described understanding between Pakistan and India in Thimpu recently to resume the dialogue process as a breakthrough with implications not only for the two countries but also for the region and beyond.

Asked whether Pakistan and India would pick up the thread on various issues from where it was left during composite dialogue process, the Foreign Secretary said “we should not jettison the good work done by our predecessors over sixty years.”