Pakistan to face Kenya today

Pakistan will face Kenya today in their 1st world cup cricket match.

Afridi vowed Tuesday to win the World Cup for millions of weary fans back home who lost out on the showpiece when their country became a no-go zone.

“Not playing in our country is on our minds,” Afridi said, ahead of his team’s first match against Kenya on Wednesday.

“We feel for our nation, our people who are missing the World Cup.

“It’s difficult to be the captain in India or Pakistan with all that’s happening, you have to make sacrifices. But my effort is always that I do well as captain or as player,” said Afridi.

On other hand Jimmy Kamande was hit on the jaw during Kenya’s net practice Tuesday but team officials said the skipper was in no danger of missing his team’s second World Cup match against Pakistan.

“Kamande is fine and will be available for the match on Wednesday,” media manager Arjun Vidyarthi told reporters. “Kamande was hit on the right jaw during a throw-in and that’s forced him to miss the press conference.”

Instead, veteran batsman Steve Tikolo addressed the media after the practice session in Sri Lanka.