Pakistan regrets slow Indian investigation into Samjhota Express blasts

Pakistan on Saturday termed it ‘unfortunate’ that India has been unable to complete investigations into the Samjhota Express blasts, despite passage of four years.

A Foreign Office Spokesman was responding to a question about the progress on the investigation into the Samjhota Express blasts that killed 68 persons, including 42 Pakistani nationals.

“India seems to be lacking courage to unearth culpability of Hindu extremists and their links with some Indian Army personnel,” the spokesman said. He said it was unfortunate that India, which uses terrorism as propaganda against Pakistan, has still not been able to complete its investigations.

He said despite the passage of four years “India somewhat conveniently asserts that its investigations are incomplete.” “We do not know how many more years India would need to bring the perpetrators of the Samjhota terrorist act to justice, and provide relief to the families of the victims.

Asked about the way the case was being handled, the spokesman said “it doesn’t inspire much hope.”

The spokesman emphasized that India needs to bridge the gap between what it says and what it does.