Nisar for ensuring implementation of House committees’ decisions

Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Wednesday stressed the need for ensuring implementation of decisions taken by standing committees of the House and protection of rights of people at all cost.

Speaking on floor of the House, he said that it would be better if the government took the House into confidence on various issues happening in the country and explain its stance when the session in place.

He alleged that no stance has been given regarding the visa of American citizen involved in Lahore incident.

Lauding decision of committee headed by deputy speaker National Assembly, he said such decisions would help send good message to the general public that their elected representatives are keen to resolve their problems. However, he said the decision of the committee should be implemented in true letter and spirit.

“We are people’s representative and we have to ensure protection their rights at all cost,” he added.

Nisar said that the committee took a unanimous decision in Railways scam; however no action has been taken in this regard so far.

Speaking about US citizen Raymond Davis, he said that presence of foreigners and hiring of houses in the capital are regularly being circulated in the media and such people have rented houses on double rates.

He said he had already appraised the house that information of such people should be provided. However, no one responded to points raided by him in the House. He said that he would send a copy of his recorded speech to the prime minister. He said he also drew the attention of the house killing of three US soldiers in blast in Dir and foreigners who were arrested in Lahore travelling in tainted glasses vehicles with fake number plate.

He said that he had expressed his concern over such incidents but no one paid heed which ultimately resulted in Lahore incident.

Ch Nisar said visa regulation, immunity to diplomats and relations with foreign countries are the responsibility rather than province.

He said the federal government should fulfill its responsibility in this regard.

He alleged that it was conveyed to US that the Centre is ready to hand over US citizen however, Punjab government particularly PML-N is opposing. He said that PML-N has the stance that this case should be handled under law and constitution.

“Americans have conveyed us officially that you (PML-N) are main hurdle in this issue. We don’t want that we have strained relations with US, however, the federal government should settle the issue with US keeping in view all the facts,” he added.