Moonis resolves to be as steadfast as Zahoor Elahi

PML (Q) senior Leader Moonis Elahi has said that Pakistan is his identity and his detractors cannot separate him from his motherland, saying Pakistan is the beginning and end of his politics.

“I remind all those who want to prosecute me in the name of accountability that I am a proud grandson of Shaheed Ch Zahoor Elahi who didn’t even bow down to the worst dictatorship”, he said while addressing party workers at the Lahore Airport here Thursday.

Moonis Elahi was accorded a warm welcome by the party workers and sympathizers when he landed at the airport after his visit abroad.

PML (Q) leader said that he had been implicated in false case, stressing that he had firm belief in Allah, judicial system as well as his truthfulness.

To a question, he said that PML (N) chief Nawaz Sharif was a hypocrite who demanded of the PPP to act upon CoD while he patronised ‘Lotacracy'(turncoats) despite being a signatory of the CoD.

Moonis Elahi dispelled the impression that the had struck any deal with anyone, adding that his party would devise its future strategy only after the time-frame given to PPP by PML (N) lapsed.