Leaders asked to learn lesson from Tunisia, Egypt

The ailing leader of PML-N Makhdoom Javed Hashmi delivered an emotional speech in the National Assembly on Thursday, urging the political leadership of all political parties to be wary of growing public woes that, he cautioned, could spur the situation like Egypt and Tunisia if allowed to deteriorate any longer.

“I call upon Ch. Shujaat, Altaf Hussain, Asfandyar Wali, Maulana Fazal ur Rahman, and my own leader Mian Nawaz Sharif not to use the people for your own sake rather should serve their interests,” said Javed Hashmi, who is still recovering from severe brain hemorrhage that paralysed his right side.

All political leaders were asked to save the country from slipping in to anarchy. “People are looking towards you (political leaders) being their representatives… they are not looking at your ministries…people now think you are being elected to enjoy,” Javed Hashmi remarked.

He urged all parliamentarians to point out wrongdoings to their leaders.

Referring to the 10-point agenda propounded by his party, Javed Hashmi said it contained remedies to the ills bedeviling the country. “I had told Mian Sahib when I was struggling for life (in hospital) that I would raise from the death-bed and defy death to work for the people,” he added.

Admitting of being labelled as rebel, said he would continue this rebellion for the sake of Pakistan and its people.

“Get hold of your leaders and tell them this is wrong,” Javed Hashmi said amidst clapping, cheers and desk-thumping by MNAs in his honour.

Counting the incidents of law and order in the country, he said leaders were in deep slumber and were not paying heed to what was happening. “Pakistan is taken for granted…why the country is to going towards destruction if they are so big leaders?” he maintained.

Javed Hashmi said the problems gripping the country needed collective wisdom, adding a single individual could not sort them out.

He stressed for utilizing country’s own resources instead of relying on foreign assistance that resulted in subjugation and compliance of others. “Pakistan is a great country; its people are great.”