Khar acknowledges Pak-US differences over Davis issue

Rejecting the notion that the government institutions have differences over the case detained US national Raymond Davis, the Minister of State for foreign affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar said, on Tuesday, the prime minister has already given his policy statement on the issue.

The minister, however, acknowledged the existence of differences with Washington over the detention of Raymond Davis, who the US insists enjoys diplomatic immunity.

Talking to journalists after attending a ceremony here,  Khar hoped the issue would not hurt the bilateral ties of the two allies.

The government was consulting international law experts to decide whether Davis had immunity under the Vienna Convention, she told.

Hina Rabbani said the interior minister Rehman Malik had not said anything about Raymond Davis but confirmed the latter possessed diplomatic passport.

“We will not let this issue affect the Pak-US strategic dialogues,” added the minister, assuring the matter would be decided by the court.