Gilani says he just inaugurated parliamentarians lodges

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that new block of parliamentarian lodges in Islamabad was one of the parliament and Senate’s projects, and he had just performed its inauguration ceremony.

Talking to a nine-member journalists delegation at his residence here, he expressed concern over media reports giving a wrong impression of the facts.

Gilani said that he had nothing to do with the project, initiated by cabinet division of both the houses after approval of their respective House and Library Committees to resolve the accommodation problems of the parliamentarians, who come to Islamabad to attend the sessions. He added that he had no concern whether these lodges should be constructed or not.

While, in the news items regarding a private corporate society of Multan being discussed by a parliamentary committee and the dismissal of Islamabad Chief Commissioner for his involvement in the Haris Steel Mill’s corruption case, he said, it was reported that ‘all roads lead to Multan’ which gave a wrong perception about him (Prime Minister).

Gilani underlined the need that media should contact him directly to clarify any matter related to him instead of  broadcasting or publishing distorted facts or giving wrong perceptions.