Fresh meat prevents chronic diseases

The use of fresh and healthy meat can keep people away from fatal diseases like food poisoning and gastrointestinal (GI) complications.

“Such complications may lead to malfunctioning of liver, kidneys and brain,” Physician Dr Syed Hasnain Ali Johar told APP here on Sunday.

He said that major reasons for GI diseases were caused by the use of unhealthy meat and improperly cooked food as bacteria flourish rapidly in unhygienic meat.

He said that liver diseases could cause hepatitis and liver disorder, which were fatal at an advanced stage, adding kidney malfunction could lead to renal failure, if not treated in time.

Dr Hasnain Ali Johar said that meat of sick animals called ‘Laap’ hardly carry any proteins and vitamins rather use of such meat is a source of diseases for human beings.

Laap could also cause ‘botulism’ a diseases in which intestines are paralysed and diarrhoea went on non-stop in children that could lead to death, while in adults it might cause paralysis of a part of body, brain or other complications.

He advised the people to avoid excessive use of beef and mutton called “red meat” to lead a healthy and active life.

He was of the view that eating food regularly from hotels, stalls and open places often caused GI diseases, terming meat at these places “unhygienic.”

“Keeping meat in refrigerators for more than 10 days is not a good practice because such freezing exterminate the proteins,” he added.

He also advised that people should avoid meat, if they were not sure about its hygienic condition. If healthy meat was unavailable, people should use pulses, eggs and milk to get proteins.

Pulses are second source of getting the required proteins after meat, while one glass of milk or one egg could provide sufficient protein to human beings.

The family physician suggested that people should use seasonal vegetables, which are cheap and full of vitamins, minerals and even proteins.