Economists suggest fundamental reforms for human development

Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr Nadeemul Haq and economists have suggested fundamental reforms in terms of human development to be introduced to meet future challenges.

He said our government will have to work hard to achieve targets of millennium and make efforts to improve in different human development sectors.

Nadeemul Haq said “we should set our goals to come on top ten countries of the world in the list and improve our educational standards and focus on the training quality of teachers in order to improve our position. However, we have to change our working method, otherwise, no achievement can be made”.

The UNDP, new UN development chief Helen Clark said that political instability, security challenges and natural calamities are main causes of low human development of Pakistan. However, she said Pakistan has now strong democratic government, while social development ministries are being transferred to provinces.

There will be bright prospect of human development in Pakistan if there is no natural calamity in coming months and years in the country.

A well known economist Dr. Shahid Siddiqui has said that human development never remained a priority of any Pakistani government in previous years.

Former federal minister for economic and finance, Dr. Hafeez Pasha has also said that in the backdrop of last 30 years perspective, Pakistan improved a lot in human development in previous years and it is not so bad.

He said there is no disappointing situation, however, we are far behind UN millennium goals and we need a lot to do.