Courts to decide Davis fate: Firdous Ashiq

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said Thursday that the government of Pakistan has told US Senator John Kerry in categorical terms that Raymond Davis case is sub judice and only courts will decide his fate.

While addressing her maiden press briefing after the first meeting of new federal cabinet here she said the President, Prime Minister and other Pakistani leadership made it clear to him that as Pakistan cannot interfere in the process of other countries judicial matters, similarly no other country can interfere in the affairs of Pakistan’s judiciary.

She said that the government was not an aggrieved party in the case and if the aggrieved party agrees on Qasas and Diyat, it has this right. She said that law enforcement agencies of the Punjab Government were handling the case and the Federal Government was coordinating with them.

The minister said that the Cabinet discussed the Raymond Davis case and it was updated on the legal implications of the issue.

The Cabinet directed that the courts should be facilitated and it should be ensured that no one else interferes in the courts’ proceedings so they can decide the matter.

To a question Firdous said that the ministries of Law, Interior and Foreign Affairs were coordinating to finalize a strategy on the issue of Raymond Davis.