Vegetable prices continue to rise

Skyrocketing prices of vegetables have made it difficult for homemakers to manage their monthly budgets.

Prices of vegetables continue to rise due to low arrivals. Tomatoes, which cost Rs 40 per kg in mid-October, now cost almost Rs 80 to 100 per kg.

“Prices of the most common vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes have doubled. And fresh vegetables like spring onions, green leafy vegetables and turmeric are hardly available,” said Amna Khan, a housewife.

“The concerned authorities should take stern actions against those who are creating artificial scarcity and causing prices to rise,” said a shopper at H-9 Sunday Bazaar.

It is pertinent to mention that foodgrains, pulses and oil are also getting costlier. Traders expect prices to rise further in a few days again as demand for stocks goes up.

The numbers of complaints were witnessed about overcharging in almost every Sunday bazaars. The complaints were also observed about the sale of lower quality items at A-grade rates.

The shoppers in various Sunday bazaars said that the vendors were not giving fruits and vegetables at the prescribed rates, adding that the vendors were selling non-sorted fruits and vegetables at the rates of the sorted.