US to be candid on economy during Hu trip

The United States will talk candidly and openly about its economic concerns with China during President Hu Jintao’s state visit next week, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner pledged .

But Geithner also predicted it was inevitable that the value of the yuan, which has irked the United States, would rise, and stressed that substantial opportunities were opening up for US businesses in China.

“You’re going to hear us talk very openly and candidly about our concerns and our objectives in the Chinese market,” Geithner told reporters.

“You’re going to hear the Chinese talk about their concerns and their expectations for how to make sure they have continued access to US technology, US markets,” Geithner said.

The United States has made repeated complaints about the level of the yuan currency, arguing that it has been kept artificially low to boost Chinese exports at the expense of the US economy.