Strong, stable Pakistan in US’ self-interest: Biden

US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday rejected the impression that the United States would impose any war on Pakistan as part of its counter-terrorism actions against al-Qaeda.

The US Vice President, in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani after their one-on-one meeting at the Prime Minister House, categorically said the United States would work in partnership with Pakistan in taking action against terrorist groups.

Biden also negated other misconceptions amongst the Pakistani public about the United States that it would abandon Pakistan after culmination of its war on terror.

“The only productive way forward is a long-term and enduring partnership. Our nations must move forward from transactional relationship to sustained partnership,” he said.

The US Vice President called the Pak-US relationship “absolutely vital” what he experienced during his 30-year long interaction with Pakistani leadership in his capacity as member of Foreign Relations Committee.

Prime Minister Gilani in his opening statement termed his meeting with the US Vice President as “very fruitful” that focused on counter-terrorism, regional security and peace.

He said Pakistan looked forward to a “robust relationship” with Pakistan in terms of economic and security areas. He mentioned that the discussions on Afghanistan’s security and stability were “extremely useful”.