Sacking of KESC workers flayed

National Labour Federation (NLF) Thursday strongly condemned the sacking of more than 4000 workers from Karachi Electricity Supply Company (KESC) and termed it economic genocide of 4000 families.

NLF President Rafiq Ahmed Khan said the sitting government is least concerned about the plights of poor masses. He said the recent spree of privatization and downsizing has opened new floodgates of poverty and deprivation in Pakistan.

He said poor families are committing suicides or selling their children. He said rising price hike has already made it very difficult for workers to feed their children and now the forced retrenchments have made life a living hell for the affected families.

He said the rulers should learn lesson from recent revolution in Tunisia, where poor masses took to streets, forcing the corrupt rulers to flee.

He said due to rampant corruption and mismanagement of Pakistani rulers the country is heading towards a bloody revolution. Rafiq Khan condemned police baton charge and teargas shelling on sacked workers of KESC. He demanded of the KESC to restore the sacked workers at the earliest.