Raja Pervaiz inaugurates 201MW Reshma Power Plant

Federal Minister for Water and Power, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf inaugurated the 201MW Reshma Power Plant, currently contributing 40MW as test generation to the national grid, at Raiwind near here Saturday.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the Minister said that energy is the greatest challenge to the present democratic government, which it inherited by previous regime. The utter failure of the past government is manifested from the fact that it did not add even a single mega watt to the national grid, thus widening the power supply and demand gap in the country, he added.

Raja Pervaiz resolved, “We have to surmount this difficulty by giving a road-map to pull the country out energy crises.” He cited that present government has under taken various mega hydel power projects, an inexpensive means of energy, including Neelum-Jehlum Power Station, Diamir-Bhasha Dam, Dasoo Dam, Bunji Dam and hydel project at Kohala. Since the hydel power projects require eight to nine years for completion, he said, the government has initiated a number of projects of alternate and renewable energy resources to narrow down the electricity demand-generation gap to keep industrial wheel on moving.