Priyanka Chopra turns poetess

Priyanka Chopra has been more in news recently for her link-ups with Shahid Kapur, but very few people know that she’s a budding poetess too.

At a recent women’s awards show, Priyanka paid tribute to three senior actresses, Saira Banu, Hema Malini and Madhuri Dixit, by writing a couplet for each of them.

Apparently Priyanka didn’t want just a normal song-and-dance routine. A source present at the awards, said, “Priyanka was not happy with the script given by the organisers. Time was running out and the show was about to start.

So she sat with Rowena Baweja, the conceptualiser of the awards and penned down shayiris for all the three B-town divas. In just about an hour, Priyanka put the shayiris together. She also did the voice over for the audio-visuals.”

Says a source close to Priyanka, “Priyanka loves writing shayiris and has been writing them for a long time. Recently, she has rediscovered Rumi and Ghalib. Over the past year or so Priyanka has been quietly writing poetry when she feels like it.

She doesn’t talk much about it as it is a very private part of her life.”

But the actress hasn’t been able to write much though. Priyanka’s friend said, “Priyanka hasn’t had much of a chance in the past few years to pen her poetry because she’s been working hard.

She’s doing films and endorsements and it is difficult to pen sensitive stuff with so many things happening. This is the first time that she has come out and recited the couplets on stage.”