Political motives behind murder of Punjab Governor : Fouzia Wahab

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Secretary Information Fouzia Wahab on Wednesday said that there were political motives behind the murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and she condemned it strongly. In a statement issued here, she said situation has cleared that the murder of Salman Taseer has more political motives than religious motives.

She said that this is not only the work of any religious extremists but Punjab administration is equally responsible in this murder.
Fouzia Wahab said that Mumtaz Qadri had decided three days before to kill Governor Punjab, though by that time nobody was aware of Governor Punjab’s visit to Islamabad as due to security reasons the movement of VIPs keep secret.
She said the question arises as to how Qadri got information about the visit of Governor Punjab, as he were cleared with other colleagues three days in advance that he will kill Governor Punjab, why they were silent and why they avoided any action against him.