Indian troops martyr 447 innocent Kashmiris in 2010

Indian troops in their continued acts of state terrorism, martyred 447 innocent Kashmiris including 11 women and 67 children during the year 2010 in the Indian Held Kashmir.

According to data released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, today, 17 of those martyred were killed in custody.

Indian paramilitary troopers and policemen during the house raids, crackdowns, firing and teargas shelling tortured or critically injured 6,076 civilians and destroyed 132 residential houses/structures while 2188 persons were arrested during the year. 11 Kashmiris went missing in custody, 109 children got orphaned, 43 women were widowed and 87 disgraced or molested during the period by the men in uniform.

In the month of December in 2010, the number of those martyred was 10,which included a child and a custody killing.78 persons were tortured or critically injured, 88 arrested and 3 women were molested by the Indian paramilitary forces while 4 children were orphaned and 4 women were widowed in the month.

Meanwhile, since 1989 till December 31, 2010, Indian troops martyred 93,544 innocent Kashmiris, including 6,982 killed in fake encounters or in custody.

118,874 persons were arrested on false charges, 22,749 women were widowed and 9,987 were disgraced or molested, 107,400 children were orphaned and 105,901 structures were either destroyed or damaged by the troops.