Fog blanket stalls trains, flights in Punjab

Life in Punjab especially in Lahore and Multan, has come to standstill on Sunday morning as dense mist has blanketed all over the province, badly disrupting routine life.

Meanwhile, airport in Lahore has been closed down, all domestic and international flights have been postponed, and trains are being rescheduled as rainfall on first day of 2011 contributed to worsen the situation in Lahore.

Traffic on roads has turned thin due to dropping of mercury and zero visibility conditions as the drivers are being advised to turn headlights of vehicles on while travelling during day hours.

Motorway has been shut down for all kinds of traffic due to thick haze while traveling on G.T. Road has been denied.

In Multan, due to intense cold weather, 2 grid stations have tripped, suspending electricity supply to many areas.