Exercise lowers stroke risk

Climbing stairs daily helps to lower the risk of suffering a stroke, according to the German Stroke Foundation.

It noted that getting too little exercise and being overweight were among the risk factors for a stroke.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet could prevent half of the strokes in Germany, the foundation said, pointing out that cardiovascular events such as stroke were the third-most frequent cause of early retirement in the country.

The foundation said getting more exercise was simply a matter of making small changes in one’s daily routine, for example by riding a bicycle to work instead of driving a car or taking public transportation.

In inclement weather, office workers who choose to drive rather than ride to work could park further away from the office and walk the rest of the way.

Many workers make the mistake of not leaving the office during lunch, the foundation noted. It cited a survey by the Berlin-based polling institute Forsa showing that a quarter of all workers in Germany work right through their break even though it presents a good opportunity to stretch their legs for at least 10 minutes.

Generally speaking, adults should exercise at least 30 minutes daily to keep healthy, the foundation said. It suggested that people monitor their exercise regimen with an “exercise book” in which they jot down all of their physical activities, such as jogging or cycling.

According to the foundation, working up a sweat or exercising for 30 minutes at a time is not necessary since every physical activity lasting longer than 10 minutes is beneficial.