Country cannot afford any martial law: Fauzia Wahab

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Central Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab while linking terrorism, extremism and violence with martial law Tuesday said the country cannot afford any martial law.Talking to a private TV channel, she said, “I don’t know in which context the MQM leader talked about martial law in his speech, however, the
country cannot afford any martial law.”She said the martial laws had not given anything to the country but in the aftermaths of each martial law the country witnessed terrorism, extremism,ethnic violence and crimes.
“A democratic party should not have to demand a new martial law, we should have to avoid such words,” she added.
Earlier, PML-N leader Ehsan Iqbal said, “the people want to know that who are responsible for unrest in Karachi. We have never demanded handing over of Karachi to military.”