Anti-terrorism (amendment) bill to help curb terrorism: NA body told

Secretary Interior on Monday told National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior that anti-terrorism (amendment) bill 2009 has been introduced in National Assembly and Senate.

He said that the bill would help curb the menace of terrorism, adding it would bring specific amendments to take measures to root out terrorism.

The committee meeting presided over by Abdul Qadir Patel discussed the bill clause by clause and directed that the government should take appropriate steps to curb the menace.

The committee also discussed Islamabad Rent Restriction (amendment) bill, 2010.

The committee directed that there should be minimum burden on the public for the purpose of court fee for the registration of property documents.

The committee was of the view that everybody is supposed to get the property documents registered.

Meanwhile, the committee also took into consideration the Pakistan Citizenship (amendment) bill 2008 and Pakistan Citizenship (amendment) bill 2009.