10 victims of Nooriabad mishap identified

Authorities on Tuesday confirmed the identities of 11 of the 33 killed in Sunday’s traffic accident near Nooriabad as the relatives of the passengers who were onboard the ill-fated bus continue to arrive at Edhi centre.

As many as 33 people burnt alive when a passenger bus rammed into an oil-tanker at Super Highway near Nooriabad. The bodies so badly burnt that their identities could not be ascertained immediately after the tragic incident.

The unfortunate bus was enroute to Sukkar from Karachi.

Those who were identified included Mushtaq, Qurban, Bagh Ali, Khadim Hussain, Uzma, Mohammad Gorang, Ghulam Abbas, Lal Khatoon, Nazir Ahmed and Mohammad Rafique.

The bodies all these people have been sent to their home town. Source told that most the deceased belonged to Naushshero Feroz, Khairpur, Shikarpur and Scrund.