Kristen Stewart goes from drab to stylish

One look at Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart and you will be assured that she has totally transformed her looks over the passing years in the film industry.

The 20 year old actress has grown up from being the demure Bella Swan in ‘Twilight’ to the stylish Bella Swan of ‘Breaking Dawn’.

Some fashion analysts may complain about the fact that Kristen Stewart sports the similar kind of style in each of her public turnouts, but she nevertheless succeeds in looking her fashionable in the mini dresses that she normally wears to events.

When she debuted in Hollywood, Kristen Stewart was most comfortable in a pair of jeans and her favorite converse shoes, but today you will see Rob Pattz’s girl in sexy short numbers in a variety of colors and cuts.

Analysts are of the opinion that it is her regular visits to a number of public events for promotional work related to the Twilight saga that helped Kristen Stewart improve on her personal styling.

Kristen Stewart has tried it all from Jenni Kayne to Oscar de la Renta this year but has tried to stick to the black short dresses, various colored minis and the pencil-heeled pumps for her promotional tours and Hollywood parties.

Though critics have been unable to comment on her acting progress, Kristen Stewart has surely improved on the style front this year!