Professional development in education beneficial

Professional development in education and especially in English language benefit not only the students but also Pakistan as a whole.

This was stated by the Consul General of the United States in Karachi, William Martin.

He was speaking at a reception he hosted on Saturday evening in honour of the delegates of the international conference being organized in the metropolis by the Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT).

The Consul General pointed out that in today’s global village, English is vital to success both in business and academia.

He was of the view that English helps to broaden not only verbal communication but also serves as a medium for cross-cultural understanding and that it also helps to break down barriers.

William Martin said that English is now so widely used in business that it is almost a necessity for success on the international stage.

He pointed out that important economies of Asia are focusing resources on English education.

The Consul General also lauded the contributions of SPELT towards the English language teaching.

He said that through SPELT programme more individuals are able to compete for jobs and business.

William Martin stated that the multinational companies are hiring English speakers. English has become the common tongue for businessmen to communicate each other although English is a second language for both.

He said that the SPELT conference now in its 26th year will touch over 2,000 English language educators for the interchange of successful strategies, methodology and the latest research in English language teaching from all over the english speaking world.

Ms. Zakia Sarwar of the SPELT also expressed her views on the occasion.