“Youth FM Radio” station to be on air next month

Ministry of Youth Affairs would begin a full fledged “Youth FM station” to on-air next month by the approval of high authorities.

Federal minister for Youth Affair Shahid Hussain Bhutto said that it is a gift for Pakistani Youth and this youth FM station would present and highlight youth related programmes containing both information and entertainment.

This FM station would start in the federal capital first and after it would expand to all over the country.

The Minister said that ministry recently have broadcast a youth programme from Radio Pakistan “Hum Nawjawan” or “we the youth” which is highly getting the feed back from the youth appreciating the programme.

“The ministry now will launch a separate FM Youth radio station which will broadcast special programmes for youth, aim of the radio station is to promote awareness among the youth of the country about their positive role in building of their homeland and know their rights and obligations”, he remarked.

Shahid Hussain Bhutto said that government priority is to create more opportunities for the youth of the country.

He said that this youth FM station will focus on the youth related problems and ministry high ups will join programmes to respond the questions of the youth regarding different youth empowerment projects.

The minister said the role of FM radio has become very important and more effective medium as it acted as a community-based radio because of vast area of coverage with the local content.

He said youth FM radio could be used to educate and inform the grass roots level, besides allowing the youth talent to come forward and express themselves.

“Radio is a powerful medium and through quality programmes it can make a telling contribution towards educating as well as entertaining the general public” he said.