Women preparing for colourful Eid

A colourful and festive Eid cannot be imagined without women as they cook, make dresses and cheer on their family members to finalize preparations for the festival.

This time too, women are seen in huge numbers at shopping malls and markets to shop for themselves and help their families in making their shopping decisions.

With two days left in Eid, women as important members of their families are making a final check that all is done to make Eid a happy and memorable occasion.

Eid of women is incomplete without the delightful moments of buying bangles, garments, gifts shoes and other accessories which create an atmosphere of its own.

“Though the eid shopping starts with the advent of Ramadan but now is the peak time and women are seen everywhere bargaining and coming homes with items of their choice,” said Samia while buying a dress at Super Market.

Especially young girls are eagerly buying bangles and henna to celebrate Chaand Raat in a traditional way.

“Eid is incomplete without bangles and henna and I like to buy them at Chaand Raat with my cousins and friends and we spend the whole night and enjoy every minute of it,” said Mehwish.

This year, people are in a brooding mood and many of them have donated funds for their flood affected brethren. Moreover, exorbitant prices of commodities have also taken away their appetite for a shopping spree.

The shopping centers of twin cities, including Jinnah Super Market, Super Market, Aabpara Market, F-10 Markaz, Karachi Company, Raja Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, Commercial Center and business hubs located at Murree Road and Saddar are decorated and illuminated to attract people.

As it is all part of old traditions, Eid shopping has gained momentum with stalls, shopping malls and shops in all corners of the cities are displaying a variety of goods to attract visitors.

The shopping centres remain open late at night.Everybody is busy in making last minute preparations for Eid but participation of women makes things happen.

For women beauty parlours and shops selling accessories assume an added significance and they are going there for finer things.

Other favourite spot of women are garment and shoe shops which are also getting customers. And how it can be that bakeries, restaurants and hotels don’t make money when women are out in full force to spend and have a carefree time.

Many women will leave with their families for their home towns to share Eid festivities with their near and dear ones.