Water sustains massive pressure at Manchar bunds

The in and outflow of water at Manchar Lake has sustained massive pressure against lake’s protective embankments as the water, flowing-in through FP Bund, has multiplied further already mounting pressure against protective bunds built along Bhan Saeedabad and Sehwan Sharif districts.

According to Irrigation authorities, water pressure, against the protective bunds along Sehwan and Bhan Saeedabad cities, has been mounting at alarming pace, sending in public the fear of development of breaches from anywhere.

Meanwhile, the irrigation and WAPDA officials are vigilantly engaged in strengthening embankments since yesterday.

Pakistan army and Navy’s rescue operations in flood-hit areas are underway whereby tens of thousands of stranded people have been rescued to safer places.

More than 125 villages in Sehwan Sharif district have been flooded completely, causing various houses to collapse for some days.

Nearly 1500 houses have collapsed in affected areas so far, authorities working in rescue operation.