US Vice President telephones PM Gilani

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has stated that the democracy has firmly taken roots in Pakistan and all the democratic institutions were fully functional without interference in each other’s purview. He thanked the US leadership for its unequivocal and unambiguous stance on supporting and strengthening the democracy in Pakistan.
The Prime Minister was talking to US Vice President Joseph Biden who called on him over the phone on Friday evening to reiterate the US support for the democratic set up in Pakistan and the commitment of the US Government to standby Pakistan throughout the relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction phases to mitigate the affects of devastation caused by the unprecedented floods.
The Prime Minister recognized the solid US assistance – which was the largest so far from any foreign country – to his government’s efforts to deal with the catastrophic situation caused by the floods.
He apprised the US Vice President that his government had successfully managed the consensus of all the provinces and stakeholders to establish an Oversight Council, which would supervise collection, division and utilization of all the local and foreign assistance, in the flood affected areas.
The Prime Minister added that the preliminary report of Damage Need Assessment was likely to be announced on 15th of this month and would be discussed in the UN General Assembly’s Special Session on floods in Pakistan on September 19.
He expressed the hope that the international community will come forward in a big way to respond to the second appeal for help to Pakistan, likely to be issued by the UN Secretary General on 17th September.
The US Vice President Joseph Biden assured the Prime Minister that his government will not be left alone to fend for itself in the wake of massive flood devastation.
He reiterated that the US would continue supporting the democratic government and offering assistance to Pakistan to over ride its economic difficulties.