US, Pakistan sign partnership agreement

The United States on Thursday signed a five-year partnership agreement worth $831.335 million to improve Pakistan’s capacity to address basic and infrastructure needs providing improved economic opportunities.

The agreement is also aimed at strengthening Pakistan’s capacity to pursue economic and political reforms that reinforce stability.

The amount is divided in different sectors including Democracy and Governance $98,913,839, Social Sector; Health $130,425,00, Education $179,454,711, Economic Growth; Economic Opportunity, $144,000,762, Agriculture $ 56,493,820, Energy $44,825,000

The Stabilization and Humanitarian Assistance include FATA $111,264,712, KPK $65,957,156,

However, the amount for Democracy and Governance was worth $98,913,839 to move the country toward democratic consolidation.

The USAID programs will strengthen local governance, service delivery, and public security through broad-based citizen participation leading stability of democracy at the local level; support the Government of Pakistan’s gender policies; work with the provincial structures of the Pakistani judiciary to improve its capacity and increase public confidence in the judiciary branch and court system.

It will also strengthen the capacity of the Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies to represent constituents, draft legislation, conduct government oversight, and improve transparency; help modernize the national electoral rolls, help upgrade district offices of the Election Commission of Pakistan, and support independent election monitoring.

The programme will also strengthen the ability of political parties to engage in democratic policy-making and governance processes in a more transparent, research-driven and representative manner; foster the transfer of innovations across provinces through federal-level assistance and initiatives.

It will promote civic participation in and oversight of government to advance good governance; work with parliamentarians, political leaders and civic organizations to monitor the flood relief efforts and strengthen Pakistan’s response to natural disasters besides encouraging active citizens participation to guarantee proper project supervision.