UAE women skip salons for home treatments

New research says women only spend Dh100 per month at expensive salons on average.

Expensive salon treatments have given way to home-grooming treatments in the UAE following in the wake of the global recession, a new study has found.

Some 33 per cent of women across the country would rather do their hair at home than head out for a blow dry and set, says a YouGov Siraj poll conducted on behalf of cosmetics firm Schwarzkopf.

The survey of 759 respondents across the UAE showed that 57 per cent of women in the UAE now spend less than Dh1200 per year – or Dh100 per month – caring for and styling their hair, with 33 per cent no longer choosing to go to a salon.

The days of UAE women spending hours in the salon are long gone, with Schwarzkopf’s latest survey revealing that 33 per cent of women would rather do their hair at home.

But despite the significant reduction in spending, when it comes to beauty, women of the UAE still remain extremely “looks conscious”, with signs of ageing being something they worry about.

Forty per cent of respondents over the age of 30 said that any sign of grey hair would stop them from leaving the house.

Time as well as money is also something that women are looking to be smarter with.

While watching the dirhams, they have also cut back on grooming, spending an average of 13 minutes per day (less than one per cent of the entire day) caring for or styling their hair.

The firm has launched a range of new products to cater to this burgeoning home market.

As for the worst beauty faux pas – the survey revealed that both men and women in UAE were in complete agreement, that wearing too much make-up tops the charts.