Sue Devitt Is Dabbling In Fragrance

The Australian-born makeup artist, Sue Devitt is introducing at Barneys New York this week a limited edition women’s scent called Golden Temple Effusion Eau de Toilette.

Golden Temple Effusion Eau de Toilette, inspired by early morning mist rising from Thailand’s bamboo forests will contain woodsy notes of rainforest, wild lily and red barriers.

The 1.7-oz. fragrance was developed with International Flavors & Fragrances and is priced at $65.

Bottled up inside a rectangular bottle, which features a cylindrical cap emblazoned with patterns meant to re-create the shapes and silhouettes of temples, the fragrance is developed with International Flovors and Fragrances and is priced at $65.

“I’d like to continue to develop fragrance for each collection because it is part of the beauty process,” said Devitt.