Stalls of colourful Eid greeting cards attract buyers

Despite latest communication technology, different varieties of Eid greeting cards are still getting attention of buyers in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Eid cards are at display in every nook and corner of bazaars in addition to the regular sale points like book stores and stationary shops. The display reflects the mood of people.

The bookstores have removed the books and hot selling magazines to create space for the greeting cards in show windows.

With so many shops (and makeshift stalls) selling the Eid greeting cards, demand still outstrips supply. They are a must-buy on every one’s shopping list. Everybody wants to send Eid greetings to his loved ones.

Eid cards sale starts picking up across the country from the middle of the month of Ramadan, but with the latest technology getting increasingly in vogue, the sale of Eid cards in the past few years has recorded significant diminishing trend, he added.

In the market, cards bear the same old prints of roses, oceans and Eid Mubarak signs in Urdu, English and Punjabi. Handmade and musical cards are also available at various outlets. Besides, students of fine arts are also producing some eye-catching stuff.

Wholesalers said cards for teachers were getting popular among students. Cards with picture of Harry Potter, Spiderman, Barbie Doll and Pokemon, and other characters are also equally popular among schoolchildren.

Such important card sending occasions like Eid, Christmas and New Year Eve not only give boost to the greeting card industry but also to postal and private courier services.

And of course the exchange of feelings and greetings on a massive scale revive old relations and spread love in the society.

The messages printed on the greeting cards are poetic, passionate, persuasive and very comforting. The cards available in the market meet the requirements of all the conceivable situations in the human relationship.

Then there are formal and official greeting cards from politicians, government agencies, commercial institutions and non- governmental organizations.

They carry the messages from the senders along with the good wishes and greetings.