Rechargeable battery for your Smartphone

Smartphone are enabled with high-tech feature which consumes more power than any other kind of phones, not only their features but the new operating systems including windows, android, IOS and many others have a high power consumption which ultimately leaves you with low battery in less time, therefore requiring more recharge. Things even get worse when you are unable to find a place to recharge you Smartphone battery.

You can always keep a spare battery, but it will give you the trouble of turning off the phone taking its battery out and inserting a new one. However, there is a better alternative to this problem.

Recently, Phone Suit has launched their most upgraded rechargeable battery for Smart phones and Bluetooth. Phone Suit Cube is a small rechargeable battery reservoir that can give your Smartphone hours of continuous power. The Cube is 1.5 inches in length and the width. Smaller than a size of a matchbox the cube can easily be accommodated in to your pocket. The cube is integrated with a lithium-ion 1000mAh rechargeable battery which is considered best for almost all the Smart phones.

For charging the Smartphone cube has a Micro-USB and a Mini USB outputs that makes it even more versatile, enabling it to charge almost 95% of all the smart phones, including Samsung, Android based phones, Black Berry, HTC, Motorola and Nokia.

For recharging the Cube, connect the Micro USB cable provided with the Cube and plug in to any USB 2.1 or 1.1 compatible outputs. For the power storage display Cube has 4 point red LED’s, each point shows a storage capacity of 25%.

Phone Suit claims to be the best in rechargeable Smartphone batteries, for the same reason they provide you with one year repair and replacement warranty.

The Cube comes up with a price tag of $40 (3400 PKR approx).