Rallies irks citizens on eve of Jumat ul Wida

Citizens faced great difficulties in commuting back to homes from their work place on Friday due to massive traffic jams consequent to rallies taken out here.

The day that coincides with Jumat ul Wida (last Friday in the month of Ramazan) is observed as Al-Quds Day to register protest  against Israeli occupation of Masjid Al- Aqsa.

Inability of the city administration to mark alternative routes for traffic and marked reduction in the number of traffic cops coupled with mysterious disappearance of city traffic wardens and volunteers emerged to add to the chaos on the roads.

The drivers increasingly known  to be rowdy with little respect for traffic rules emerged to be actually testing the patience of people in general.

Citizens forced to stuck in the long jams, of which they are quite used too during rush hours on any other ordinary day, this time were distressed as they wanted to offer their congregational prayers  with tranquility and within composed environs.

Many of the Karachiites expressed their reservations about the logic behind rallies.

They also referred to law and order situation as well as serious risks frequently reflected across the country during major gatherings  be they religious or otherwise.