PPP condemns `Burn Quran Day’ plan

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Punjab here on Thursday strongly condemning the ‘International Burn Quran Day’ plan termed it as a devilish act by the pastor of Florida’s Church.

PPP Punjab Acting President Samiullah Khan,Additional General Secretary Syed Hasnat Shah,Secretary Information Dr Fakhar-ud-Din Ch and Deputy Secretary Information Iqbal Sialvi condemned the malicious intentions of a Pastor to burn the Holy Quran on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York.

The PPP leaders appealed to the Federal government, American civil society and US higher authorities to stop Pastor Terry Jones from committing such evil act.

They termed this act as disrespectful, shameful and intolerant, saying that such acts are against the principles of every religion.

Islam preaches love and respect for fellow humans and their faith and such actions would destroy the religious harmony and peace in the world, they observed.

The PPP office bearers said all religions need to be respected and the sacred books and places of worship must be protected.

They stated that freedom of expression must not be exploited nor should it be used to instigate insult to religious sanctities.

They demanded that no individual should be allowed to commit such appalling acts. Pastor Terry Jones must not, under any circumstances be allowed to carry out his deplorable plan to burn Islam’s Holy Book, they concluded.