PM asks NRO beneficiaries to resign

Reaffirming to maintain supremacy of the Constitution and the Parliament, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday said, his government respects the courts and will implement their decisions.

But, he underlined the need for all institutions to work within their constitutional limits and said respect of every institution is obligatory including the Parliament.

“All powers are derived through the Parliament and the Parliament has to decide which institution should enjoy what powers.”

“The Parliament has also granted powers to all institutions as well as immunity to the President through the Constitution. If the Parliament desires to withdraw any powers from any institution including the immunity, it can,” he added.

The Prime Minister said one week earlier he had sought the list of NRO beneficiaries and asked the Attorney General and the Law Ministry to scrutinize, authenticate and certify the list so no name is leftover and status of each case has been clearly indicated.

“I would also ask all NRO beneficiaries holding the government position and assignments to voluntarily resign from their positions. I have also directed the Law Ministry to furnish its views and recommendations on the matter,” the Prime Minister said.