Petrol shortage continues

Citizens continued to face problems in the city due to acute shortage of petrol even on the seventh day, though all the CNG stations remained open on Tuesday.

According to official sources, 70% petrol pumps were closed, and only Pakistan State Oil (PSO) petrol stations were open.

Some petrol stations giving the supply were packed with people and pump owners and the public were seen embroiled in bitterness.

Long queues of people were seen at some filling stations on Davis Road, Empress Road, Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah, Johar Town, Dharampura, Jail Road, Muslim Town and Mcload Road.

These pumps were providing only Rs 100-200 fuel to motorcyclists and upto Rs 500 to cars.

People said that in Samanabad petrol was not available, especially in the morning and they had to postpone their routine activity.

They complained that some petrol stations and agencies were overcharging and the owners were receiving prices of their choice.

People of the provincial capital have appealed to all the higher authorities to take action against the elements involved in creating the shortage and take urgent measures to improve the situation.