Pak players face new probe after Oval game

Pakistan’s beleaguered cricket team came under the officials’ spotlight again on Saturday following “suspicious scoring patterns” in the third one-day international against England.

Pakistan won Friday’s match by 23 runs, however the International Cricket Council (ICC) has since launched an investigation after receiving information from a British newspaper.

The Sun claimed on Saturday it has evidence that shows bookmakers knew details of the Pakistan innings before the match had begun.

ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat said the match featured “a certain scoring pattern” that warranted further investigation.

“Following information received by the ICC from a British newspaper and its source, the ICC now believes a full investigation is warranted,” an ICC statement read.

Lorgat added: “A source informed The Sun newspaper that a certain scoring pattern would emerge during certain stages of the match and, broadly speaking, that information appeared to be correct.

“We therefore feel it is incumbent upon us to launch a full enquiry into this particular game although it is worth pointing out at this stage that we are not stating as fact that anything untoward has occurred. Only in the fullness of the investigation can that be established.

“The ICC maintains a zero-tolerance approach to corruption in cricket and, as a matter of course, follows up on all credible information that is received, whatever the source.

“Any player or official found guilty of an offence will face the full rigour of our robust Anti-Corruption Code so that we can ensure the integrity of the sport is maintained.”