Obama urges world help for Pakistan flood recovery

U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday called for world support for Pakistan’s recovery from devastating floods, which have severely hit the agricultural economy and afflicted around 21 million people with misery.

Obama made the appeal to back Pakistan’s flood recovery in his address to the UN General Assembly while citing America’s leading assistance role in dealing with natural disasters.

“America has also embraced unique responsibilities that come with our power. Since the rains came and the floodwaters rose in Pakistan, we have pledged our assistance, and we should all support the Pakistani people as they recover and rebuild,” he stated at the annual of world leaders.

Statistics reveal that the United States – with around $ 350 million aid and large logistical support – has by far been the leading contributor to relief efforts in the face of unprecedented humanitarian situation in Pakistan.

Pakistani officials say the flooding has submerged one fifth of the country’s land, destroyed crops, made millions shelterless and exposed communities to risk of disease and hunger.

According to experts Islamabad will need billions of dollars to rebuild lives and livelihoods in flood-ravaged areas.

Obama also referred to US help for Haiti in his address to the annual gathering of 192-member forum.

“When the earth shook and Haiti was devastated by loss, we joined a coalition of nations in response. Today, we honor those from the UN family who lost their lives in the earthquake, and commit ourselves to stand with the people of Haiti until they can stand on their own two feet.”