Norway nearly quadruples Pakistan flood aid

Norway said on Sunday it would nearly quadruple its aid to Pakistan to 400 million kroner to help millions of victims of the country’s devastating floods.

“The situation is still highly critical for nine million people. We must now show our solidarity with the flood victims,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere, who was set to take part in a United Nations-hosted meeting in New York later in the day aimed at securing more aid to Pakistan.

“The Norwegian government is therefore providing additional emergency relief to Pakistan,” he added in a statement, pointing out that the Scandinavian country had already provided 115 million kroner (14.5 million euros/19 million dollars) in aid to the flood-stricken country.

The Norwegian government said on Sunday its additional aid to the flood victims would be channelled through “the UN’s humanitarian organisations, the Red Cross movement and other NGOs that have experience working in Pakistan”.

“It is especially difficult to reach the most vulnerable groups. Women and children are particularly at risk in this chaotic situation. It is important that we provide the protection they need,” Norwegian Environment and International Development Minister Erik Solheim said in the statement.