No petroleum shortage in country: Kaira

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira on Wednesday informed National Assembly that there was no petroleum shortage in the country.

“This was temporary shortage due to floods. The phase is over now,” the minister informed the House in response to a Calling Attention Notice.

MNAs Khawaja Sheraz Mahmood, Sardar Bahadur Ahmed Sihar, Akram Masih Gill and Bushra Rehman had drawn the attention of the government towards shortage of petrol in Punjab.

The members had pleaded that shortage worst hit the Southern Punjab and other parts of the province and claimed, more tankers were sent to Multan and Sukkur and less to Lahore.

Kaira refuted this claim and said, the shortage was due to damage to roads link from Sindh to Punjab. “Petrol is surplus in the country. There is no shortage. It was only due to flood and closure of PARCO. PSO also has sufficient reserves of petrol,” he added.

He said petrol storing capacity is less than the diesel because we have surplus petrol. The situation arose only due to damage to roads and delay in transportation. “Situation has now improved and petrol is available across the province.”