NA adopts resolution seeking end to target killing incidents

The National Assembly on Tuesday adopted a resolution unanimously stressing the government to take pragmatic steps to control the incidents of target killing in the country.

The resolution was moved by Nighat Perveen and the movers raised their voice against the ongoing incidents of target killings in Karachi and other parts of the country.

Opening discussion on the resolution, Nighat Perveen said the menace or target killings have deprived the country of various important personalities not only in Karachi but also from other parts of the country.

She said it is high time the government took practical measures to end the killings of innocent people otherwise it will cast negative repercussions on national security.

Shireen Arshad said the target killing incidents in Karachi have claimed lives of 169 people asking the government to disclose the names of people behind this crime.

Ms Arshad sought the government to devise a clear cut policy on incidents of target killings adding the House should be informed as whether this is the outcome of Musharraf’s policies or some other elements are posed to endanger national security.

She said the concerned authorities should give a detailed briefing to the parliamentarians to aware them about the on ground situation and should also expose the elements ruining country’s peace.

Among the other movers of the resolution included Raja Muhammad Asad Khan, Nisar Tanveer and Rana Mahmood-ul-Hassan.

Later, the Speaker National Assembly put the resolution before the House that was later adopted by the House unanimously.