More Rangers, Police troops to be deployed in Karachi: Rehman

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that both Rangers and Police have been asked to increase their strength in Karachi to ensure maintenance of law and order in the city.

Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, he said Rangers is granted police powers from time to time in consultations with Chief Minister Sindh.

The Interior Minister said the Government has taken all the necessary measures to check crimes and violence in the city and had there been no such measures the situation would have bee worse.

He said model strategies are developed to address the deteriorating situation in Karachi and these do produce results. However, with the passage of time, the terrorists and hostile elements come out with counter tactics and the strategy is then changed again.

The Interior Minister said the enemy is trying to pitch sectarian groups against each other and this is part of the nefarious campaign to destabilize Pakistan. Rumous of all sorts being spread now-a-days are also part of that campaign. He said the nation will have to foil designs of the enemy through collective efforts.