Mass exodus after flood enters Dadu, Mehar

A 30-feet wide breach occurred in the Superio embankment near Mehar as a result 30 villages of Mehar inundated, and 15,000 people are awaiting for the rescue teams.

The water is moving towards Mehar city and the road link amongst Dadu, Mehar and Seeta has been disconnected as the water has submerged the main roads.

According the reports 20 villages of Khairpur Nathan Shah have also been submerged, while the concerned authorities are struggling with limited resources to shift 150,000 people at a time from Khairpur Nathan Shah.

It is worthwhile to mention that floodwater has reached the protective embankment, which was constructed to protect Johi town.

30 villages of Johi District have also been flooded and the water is intensifying its pressure on protective embankment, of Johi.

The concerned authorities have issued a warning to the residents of Johi to evacuate the city. A mass exodus has been started from Mehar towards safer places.

In Lower Sindh, floodwater advancing to Golarchi town in district Badin after flooding Jati town. The flood victims of Jati and Chohar Jamali towns have moved to Thatta, Makli and Hyderabad for safety.