Manchhar Lake soars its 121-foot capacity

Manchhar Lake reached its ultimate level of 121 feet with several villages and crops standing on myriad acres inundated by torrents streaming out from various canals of the Lake on Wednesday.

Ural Head was breached to dilute the water pressure at the Lake, raising the outflow to 10,000 cusecs with inflow from MNV Drain at 28,000 cusecs, private news channel reported.

According to the Irrigation Department, the water from the Lake would be let out into Indus Link by causing a cut in MNV Drain’s Zero Point.

Meantime, the torrents from various canals of the Lake have inundated at least 60 villages and crops standing on several acres of land.

In view massively precarious condition, the Irrigation Department officials are supervising the work regarding raising the bunds from Lake’s Zero Point to RD-100 by two feet with the help of heavy machinery.

A temporary protective embankment is being built to save Tehsil Sehwan city of Bhan Saeedabad from the flood situation.