Manchhar breach widens to 1000 feet

A breach in Manchhar Lake widened to 1000 feet after the Lake overflowed beyond its 121-foot capacity; while, the breaches in two others dykes broadened 25 to 42 feet letting out massive torrents of water on Thursday.

According to Irrigation Department officials, the breach in RD-96 of Manchhar Lake’s protective embankment, widened to 1000 feet, private news channel reported.

The water streaming out of the breaches, inundating at least eight villages, is fast paced towards Bhan Saeedabad.

RD-95 suffered 25-foot breach and RD-97 got 42-foot breach. DCO Jamshoro Sami Siddiqui issued to Bhan Saeedabad the emergency warnings for evacuation, adding a caravan of 100 buses has been dispatched to the city to help the citizens to relocate to safer places.

All the displaced people would be accommodated at the camps in Sehwan Matiari, Jamshoro, Kotri, Tando Muhammed Khan and Tando Allahyar.

Meantime, Brig. Zubair of Pak Army said Pakistan Army and Pak Navy decided to launch a joint operation in the flooded areas adjacent to the Lake, adding at least five helicopters and over 50 boats are being dispatched to these areas.