Malaria may affect up to 2m people in Pakistan: WHO

A senior official of World Health Organization Dr. Irshad Shah has said that Malaria can affect to 1.5 million to 2 million people if preventive measures are not taken timely.

Talking to BBC radio, he said that the water is standing in flood affected areas which is very conducive situation for mosquitoes to breed.

The affectees moved to the much malaria affected areas from the less malaria affected areas. Therefore, there are chances of spreading of malaria in flood affectees, he added.

To a question about the patients of diarrhoea were also carrying the symptoms of malaria, he said that there are 8 to 8.5 percent cases of malaria among 3.7 million affectees of different diseases who have been provided treatment so far.

He said WHO is providing larvicide in abundance to the concerned departments of flood affected areas with the collaboration of federal as well as provincial governments to prevent mosquitoes to breed more.

Secondly we are sending RDT rapid diagnostic kits to doctors, Health Ministry and provincial departments for quick and at the spot diagnosis of malaria cases. We are also providing costly drugs to doctors and concern departments for patients, he added.

Dr. Irshad said that every area is vulnerable where water is standing.

To a question, he said that among them 0.5 million people were suffering from severe diarrhoea, 0.517 million from respiratory diseases, 0.693 million were cardiac patient and tens of thousands are suspected patients of malaria.

He said that 400 out of more than 1,000 hospitals have been destroyed completely in flood hit areas.