Lorgat rebukes Ijaz Butt over England claims

World cricket’s top professional administrator Haroon Lorgat on Wednesday criticised Pakistan chief Ijaz Butt for going public with allegations that England had ‘thrown’ a recent one-day international.

Lorgat, the International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive, said he wished Ijaz Butt had approached the global governing body, or its anti-corruption and security unit (ACSU), before going public with claims that strained cricket relations between England and Pakistan to breaking point.

“I would have been much more satisfied with an approach to the ICC or ACSU,” Lorgat told reporters in a telephone conference call on Wednesday.

“I do not subscribe to the view that if, charges against a few individuals are proven, a country should be banned. The entire nation is not responsible. “There are provisions (for the ICC to suspend a country) but we are not contemplating anything like that right now,” Lorgat added.